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Our Vision

Inclusive XR

Hyper in pursuit of extending the ability of human perception.

Recently we noticed that MR devices are not prepared to all human due to their price or quality.

So we bring out the concept of "Inclusive XR". Which means we develop the solution once, users can either run the MR version (up scale)  with MR devices such as Hololens 2  and so on, or run  the AR version (down scale) with AR devices such as iPad. Further more, other users also can enter the world as a observer by using a VR device.

We focus on provide high quality Education or Exhibition solutions.  We also provide customized solutions of  the requirement, or deploy as SAAS  for large-scale project.


Our Products

Inclusive XR Solutions

All of our Mixed-Reality applications are based on Hololens2, but are also downwoard-compable with Augment-Reality applications on iOS or Android devices.


Education Solutions


  • Quest room

  • Interactive course

  • Outward Bound

Exhibition solutions


  • AR exhibition

  • Takegism

  • Virtual Sumit/AMA

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All Videos

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